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Kind Words

that lovely people have said about the Kindy

From Karla & Ryan

We love so much about the kindergarten & its philosophy. We love the respect for nature and the First Nations people you foster in the children, you help them to care about our world. We appreciate the genuine warmth in which the team encourage the children to follow their own interests as well as be part of a group and respect others thoughts and ideas. We love how you encourage new friendships, not just amongst the children but with the families and that the kindy really does build its own little community. I couldn't think of anything to add or improve, you guys are doing an amazing job!  

From Brian

As Allie's parents we couldn’t ask for a better kindergarden. A nurturing environment where kids are enticed to express creativity and exploration. Where special guests frequently visit to introduce and share their experiences and expertise in an interactive manner. Where parents can come together to input on the wellbeing of all involved. Its a community, and when your child’s smile is so wide everyday she attends…you know you’ve made the right choice.

From Norbert

As a father of two children and a qualified Early Childhood teacher I found this Kindergarten by far the best I have ever experienced.  I have worked at and have been a Volunteer at over 30 kindergarten centres around Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast during and after my studies and the Peregian Beach Community kindergarten has been the best example of the kind of learning environment that is required for children to develop to their absolute full potential. 


I am very grateful that my children have had this first hand experience thanks to Carmel and Kath to give them the ultimate foundation to set them up for a successful and happy future.

From Cassie

The Peregian Beach Kindy is an amazing oasis full of love, learning, exploring, investigating and emotional and physical growth.


I believe my children had the best start to their education here and that Kindy life prepared them for school in the most nurturing way, with an emphasis on ensuring they felt safe and connected with their peers, their teachers and their environment. 


My children both began kindy life as uncertain, anxious and shy individuals and have both flourished into confident, adaptable and motivated school participants. I am so grateful for the opportunities this Kindergarten (most importantly, the teachers) provided to my children and my family and it will be 3 wonderful years we will always remember with a smile

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