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The Kindys Philosophy

To work in partnership with families and our community to provide a nurturing educational environment for children, and assist them to reach their fullest potential.


We believe that children who have positive experiences in the early years which are playful, joyful and stress-free, who are encouraged in a natural way to be creative, are supported to explore, experiment and solve problems and to develop caring relationships are more likely to build a happy, caring and sustainable future society.



Provide a warm, welcoming atmosphere in which children and families feel comfortable and secure, and can develop caring relationships.

Listen and respond to children and families with warmth and genuine interest.


Use positive language, focusing on both children’s and families’ strengths.


Seek involvement of parents and families as much as possible in the curriculum and in decision-making.


Help children to appreciate each other’s rights and feelings, individuality, strengths and interests, cultural beliefs and practices in order to create an inclusive environment for all.


Encourage a positive connection with the community to promote within each child a sense of belonging and understanding of their local culture.



Acknowledge that children learn most successfully through experiences that are interesting and meaningful to them, and celebrate their spontaneous learning (emergent curriculum).


Provide an environment that is warm, welcoming and responsive, which according to current brain research supports optimal ability to learn.


Provide time, space, freedom and flexibility for children to play, develop friendships and follow their interests.


Stimulate children’s thinking by offering a variety of experiences that help them develop new concepts and understandings of their world.


Collaborate with children, parents and families in designing the learning environment.


Provide an environment that is clean, safe and well cared for.


Celebrate the fact that individuals can be creative in different ways.


Encourage children to be independent in order to develop feelings of competence and mastery of their environment.


Foster an appreciation and wonder of the natural environment and practice sustainability.


Encourage in children the confidence to solve problems, test skills, make decisions and express their feelings and opinions.


Engage staff members who are dedicated to children, committed to on-going professional development, and who support parents in their parenting role.

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